After your practice, reflect.

Patina is the best yoga app for tracking and journaling and the only one that provides trend data about your yoga practice regardless of where you get your yoga instruction.

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Not your typical tracker.

There’s more to your time on the mat than total calories burned. That’s why after each session Patina prompts you to journal, conduct a self-assessment, and specify the style of yoga practiced.

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Make every detail count.

Patina integrates with Apple Health and YouTube so that you have a complete picture of each yoga session. Easily import practices tracked with compatible apps or fitness devices, like the Apple Watch. And if you like to practice along to YouTube videos, tag them on your journal entries and Patina will automatically pull in additional information on the class and instructor.

Works with Apple Health
Integrates with YouTube

And that's just scratching the surface...

Weekly Goals

Find motivation with weekly goals. You have the option of settings a goal based on the total number of weekly practices, total time practiced per week, or total days practiced per week.


Don't let your post-class "yoga brain" get in the way of keeping your journal up to date. Patina can automatically import new practices from Apple Health.

Practice Calendar

Whether you want to add a new journal entry or explore your practice history, the calendar serves as an excellent entry point into your yoga journal.

Self-Review Trends

Quick self-review check-ins after each session allow you to surface shifts in qualitative aspects of your yoga practice over various time widows.


Don't lose sight of the big picture and keep the momentum going with the help of yoga streaks.

Your Privacy Matters

Your privacy is our top priority. Your data belongs to you, we'll never sell your personal data to third parties.

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